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The Heart Story of Kim Lian

"The feeling of unconditional love is what made me so emotional. It's as if you don't always allow yourself to experience that."

The well-known Dutch presenter Kim Lian was guided by Bahar with The Heart Ritual.

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The Golden Heart Journey


I believe in the power of the heart and its ability to Heal. Through a deep connection with your Heart, you will re-discover and re-connect with the power of your Heart.

During The Golden Heart Journey, I will guide you on a magical heart journey: you will experience a unique ritual -The Heart Ritual. You will gently dive deep deep into your Heart Space and emerge with renewed strength and insights.

You will see and feel both the "small" as well as the "big" impactful experiences in your life. During this journey, you will start to hear the whispers of your heart. You know exactly which parts in your life need your loving 'attention'.

You will fully immerse yourself with love, reaching the deepest corners of your heart and let pain and struggles dissolve naturally. 

Turn your cracks in life into Gold. Get inspired by the ancient Japanese Kintsugi, the teachings of Alchemy and the ancient Persian mystical sufism.

"Instandly in LOVE and knew I wanted to work with this. I was completely blown away by the power of this ritual. I went through such a beautiful raw and healing process."

- BRIGITTA VAN HENGSTUM (www.dekrachtengel.nl)
  • The Heart Ritual

    ♡ You will be guided by me to perform The Heart Ritual; breaking the ceramic heart, naming your broken parts in life and mend back together with gold.

  • 4 Sessions Online (live)

    ♡ We will have 4 session online on Zoom. Each session is linked to one of the steps of The Heart Ritual.

  • Guided Heart Visualisations

    ♡ Through my 4 unique Heart Visualizations, (the so called Healing Heart Journey's)  you will go to places you can't reach with the mind. Only from the Heart you can see clearly.

  • 11 Practices

    ♡ 11 unique rituals and invitations to do at home to make your heart journey even more more powerfull.

  • Kintsugi, Alchemy & Sufism

    ♡ You will not only experience the Japanese  Kintsugi, but also the forgotten teachings of Alchemy and Persian mystical Sufi tradition about the heart. All showing us how to transform into Gold in life.

  • The power of Love

    "Love is my religion and the only true medicine for all the pain." I will guide you to  activate love and fully immerse yourself  with it. All that no longer serves you will soften and dissolve.

For who?

♡ Coaches, therapists, healers and heart-centered people who love to integrate The Heart Ritual and the Kintsugi philosophy into their lives and work

♡ For coaches, therapists and professionals who want to expand and enrich their work with this powerful and authentic ritual.

♡ For everyone who wants to discover, experience and embody the power of the Heart.

  • Yolanda


    "Your guidance brought me serenity and allowed me to see your heart and vulnerability. Your safe connection is genuine and filled with love for others, without any judgment. Because of that, I was able to fully surrender.

    This is a great power you possess, one that can touch many hearts around the world. Your voice resonates and is pure and gentle; it moves me. You are my heart angel 🧡 ."

  • Joyce de Nooijer


    "This Journey has brought me closer to myself, resulting in more clarity and self-compassion. Through this experience, I feel that I can convey the Heart Ritual even better; it has provided me with additional tools."

  • Anette de Jong


    "To experience it myself first, in order to integrate it into my own offerings. It was a remarkable experience where you take the time (and creativity) to connect and reconcile with your heartache, healing your heart through a beautiful and meaningful metaphor under the inspiring and loving guidance of Bahar. I wouldn't have wanted to miss it!"

  • Doriene Laurine


    "Highly recommended! It has re-opened my heart to Love & Light.
    And Bahar, you have a delightful gentle strength, loving and warm.
    With a big BIG SMILE for your inner child. Your pure being, playfulness, and presence were very much welcomed."

1 of 4


How do the Online Live sessions look like?

Session 1: Deep connection with the heart

Each Session consists out of explanation and a Healing Heart Journey. This is a guided visualization where you will be guided deep into the depths of your heart.

Session 1. I will take you on a gentle journey from the mind into the depts of your heart. To make the most magical and deep connection with your heart. You will discover the Sweet Spot in your heart. What do you see, hear and feel there? How is your heart energy?

The first 2 weeks you will be guided by me (in the private group) to make a very deep connection with your heart, both your physical and ceramic heart. You will receive some powerful invitations to do at home.

Session 2: Break Open

During this session, we will break the ceramic heart.

In the following 2 weeks, you will be guided how to notice and name your broken parts from the heart space. We will make a distinction between the so called "Headache" and "Heartache".

Session 3: The Power of Love

You will immerse all of your broken parts with lots of love. Piece by piece you will forgive, thank and embrace them with love. We will activate the power of Love. You will start mending with Gold.


In the 2 weeks following, you will be guided to mend your pieces with Gold in such a way you actually make a true shift. 

Session 4: Transform in to Gold

Your heart is Gold and whole again! During this session, I will do a Heart Visulisation to welcome all the light into your heart, through the cracks. 

This will be a healing heart session.

UPGRADE: Live Session HEART CIRCLE (additional booking required)

Because of great success of the previous editions,  you have the option to experience Session 3  LIVE with Bahar on a beautiful location surrounded by nature. 

Note: This is an UPGRADE. And must be booked separately. There is a limited number of spots available.

Scroll down for more information.



(Note: The price goes up to €777,-)

Includes The Heart Ritual kit.

6 weeks of heart healing.

4x online live sessions .

Guidance to perform the heart ritual.

11 invitations to do at home.

1 professional heart visualization audio by Bahar

4 Healing Heart Journeys by Bahar

  • Cindy Leijdekker


    "A creative form of work for personal development that works simultaneously gently and powerfully on deeper layers.

    A very beautiful, warm and loving, heart carried guidance. Calm and present in the moment."

  • Inez Bloem


    "A great addition to my work. It brought me new insights personally!!! I have more peace now and I my heart is much more leading. I live from the Heart. Much closer to my essence.

    Your guidance and your warmth is visbile!"

  • Natalie van Lambalgen


    "Serenity, healing, softness and insights. It was a beautiful completion, tipping point in my life. I feel very strong because of this journey.  My sorrows are still allowed to be there.  And I am much more connected with my Heart."

1 of 3

What will this journey do?


♡ This journey is a 'retreat' for your heart.

♡ You will be guided by me to perform The Heart Ritual.

♡ By experiencing the transformative and magical power of The Heart Ritual first hand, you will embody the profound wisdom of the heart and this ritual.

♡ As a result, you will be able to  integrate this ritual  into your work and guide your clients on their healing journey. 

♡ It will enrich your practice, your work, and/or your retreats as well as your self.

♡ A magical and healing experience in a safe environment together with heart minded people.

♡ Last but not least: Lots of LOVE, the only true medicine for the heart.

May 15 or 16, 2024



Limited number of spots

Only for participants of The Golden Heart Journey.

During this Live day, you will receive direct guidance from Bahar to seek more depth at Step 3 of The Heart Ritual; transforming to Gold.

Please note that this day is an upgrade and must be booked separately. See below for mee information.

Live session Heart Circle: €199,-

Upgrade and gather Live together.

At a beautiful location in the woods of Hilversum at De Hoorneboeg.

Opening with a Persian Rose Ceremony with my Rose Elixer from Iran. We will drink the rose and sink into our hearts more easily.

I will personally guide you during one the most essential steps: step 3 "Power Of Love".

Healing guided visualization from me

Together we will mend our broken pieces with Gold.

Closing circle & sharing with some delicate rose sweets.

NOTE: During registration of The Golden Heart Journey, at checkout you will be given the option to sign up for this LIVE day as well. Then you can choose which day you would like to come.

Bahar Shahi: "Once, I was a lawyer in Amsterdam"

However, I followed my creative and entrepreneurial heart's desire and started my sustainable fashion brand as one of the pioneers in Amsterdam. Since then, I have set up 4 different businesses.

At the moment, I am a Heart and Earth guide, guiding people to deeply connect with their hearts and with nature (and thus their own nature). Due to my Persian roots, I am familiar with ancient Persian rituals, ceremonies and practices for opening the heart and activating its power and qualities.

  • I moved gently into my heart space

    In 2016, I lost my first business, became a mother, and experienced a burnout. That's when my journey from head to heart began. I learned that experiences and emotions can store themselves in your heartspace if you avoid them or rush past them (especially in today's society).

  • Golden Healing

    Inspired by mystical Sufism and the Japanese Kintsugi Open Your Heart was born. I made my ceramic heart, broke it and healed my broken pieces with gold. The (He)art Ritual became a symbol of my recovery and resilience. Gently, I embraced all the difficulties and struggles which I had experienced!