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Pre-Order! Guided Visualisation - Step 2 (Dutch & English)

Pre-Order! Guided Visualisation - Step 2 (Dutch & English)

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This Guided Heart Visualisation will guide you with the 2nd essential step of The Heart Ritual: breaking your ceramic heart. 

 Professionally recorded in a studio spoken by Bahar with binaural beats to get you into a theta state of mind (a very deep meditative consciousness where you can make major shifts). 

After you have bought this guided heart Visualisation you will get acces to your own private account where you can listen to the audio. 

AUDIO: DUTCH & ENGLISH (you will get access to both languages!)


Shipping of The Heart Ritual is within 2 to 3 business days. International shipping may take longer. Meditation will be emailed too.

Don't worry, the heart won't break while shipped. And if it does, we'll send a new one.

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